Actress – Pamela Hawley


Pamela Hawley is an accomplished actress, improviser, dancer and singer with over 150 performances in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. She is trained by The Groundlings School and performed two years with Groundlings founder Gary Austin’s Advanced Improviser Troupe. She’s a graduate of the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York and Los Angeles, advanced level of writing with The Second City, Los Angeles, and graduated level three at The Second City, Chicago.  Pamela is also a BATS improv player, who trained and performed with Sunday Players for over ten years. Pamela’s expertise is as an experienced character actor. Her experience ranges from short form, long form plays, solo/group singing, voiceovers, sketch, theatre and television. 

Pamela has founded two improv groups: Jackson Soup, an improv duo and The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Improv, a fully improvised musical inspired by The Sound of Music.  Jackson Soup performed to a soldout show at Sketchfest San Francisco, 2018.  Jackson Soup was also featured on WFAA Dallas Channel 8 News where you can hear about “Improv Jail,” and on the Red Carpet at the Dallas Improv FestivalJackson Soup was selected out of 250 applicants to open for the most popular Chicago improv group at the 2016 Chicago Improv Festival.  Also in 2016, Jackson Soup was selected as one of thousands of applicants to close the California Improv Festival. In 2015, Hawley opened at the San Francisco Improv Festival with Leela’s Armando Company and its founder, Armando Diaz and performed with Leela’s Armando Company at the SF Sketchfest.  Pamela has performed with the award-winning Opening People’s Minds (OPM), and won the award for Best Sketch Comedy in 2009 at the San Francisco Fringe Fest 2009, garnering praise from reviewers such as LA Weekly. As part the improv group Fosse Posse (based on choreographer Bob Fosse), she performed 40-minute improvised musicals, winning 9 out of 10 competitive shows. 

Pamela donates a portion of every show’s proceeds to UniversalGiving™, a global non-profit. UniversalGiving™ helps people give and volunteer with top-performing organizations all over the world. As founder and CEO of UniversalGiving™, she has been invited to the White House on three occasions and is a Jefferson Award winner, a Finalist for Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and an Expert Blogger for Fast Company and Forbes.

“Pamela Hawley is one of the best improv actresses I’ve ever seen.  Brilliant. She engages with energy, spirit, and a level of daring and bravery one rarely sees. She combines intellect, integrity and emotion, and she’s one of our strongest character actresses, able to play someone 30 years younger or 60 years older.  High energy or the subtlest touch. I’ve seen her in sketches on the Groundlings stage and in a fully improvised long-form musical. A must see, for any director wanting to work with an improv actress who listens and responds perfectly in the moment with her partner.”
Peter Samuelson
Producer of “Revenge of the Nerds”, “Wilde”, “Arlington Road”, “Tom and Viv.”

“Jackson Soup was a highlight of the California Improv Festival!”
Paul Burke
Producer of California Improv Festival