Living and Giving Blog – Pamela Hawley


Pamela writes Living and Giving, a daily blog dedicated to “Inspiring Leaders to Live with Excellence and Love.” Posts include inspirational quotes, personal musings, interviews with celebrities, and thoughts on social entrepreneurship and life. Below are two of Pamela’s most popular segments!
To have a Life of Giving, we can celebrate and be 
conscious of all the good going on around us. It’s 
time to be aware and watch for this flow of goodness. The Pamela Positive is a series of posts that help you with your thinking, your attitude, your shopping, your knowledge of the world, your entire way of life.   

Poolside with Pamela is an interview series with CEOs, Celebrities and World Leaders on leadership and philanthropy. Past interviews include Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos; Bill George, former CEO of  Medtronics/Professor at Harvard Business School; and upcoming is singer-songwriter, Paul Simon. 

Leaders speak to Pamela about how their work positively affects the world and valuable insights with the world.