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Takeovers are something we often hear about in the for-profit world. Yet, it also happens in the nonprofit world, and we need to be prepared for how to handle it.
Pamela shares thoughts about how the for-profit sector and nonprofit sector can learn from each other 
Be appreciative of your board members, value them for who they are and many will come through for you.  
Pamela shares tips for how to find a cause that fits you. Picking a cause can be challenging, but with Pamela Hawley’s tips the process will be easier. 
Pamela addresses the reasons why companies should strengthen their Corporate Social Responsibility Program. 
Pamela was recently interviewed by Adrian Knight of Social Missions, on her experience founding UniversalGiving. Social Missions is dedicated to building an online school for entrepreneurs, including an interview series with experienced, innovative entrepreneurs. We were so honored to be invited to be a part of it!
Billions Rising is about to launch a new TV show, “Billions Rising: Out of Poverty,” featuring Anita Casalina and contributor NFL linebacker Mark Washington. Pamela Hawley, has been asked to be a contributor! She will cover innovative nonprofits all across the world. The first episode premiered on September 4th, only on 
Nathaniel James of Philanthrogeek, a public forum focused on social giving, interviews Pamela about UniversalGiving’s unique “No Cut Donation Platform.” Click play and check out Pamela on Philanthrogeek’s final installment of xChange! 

UniversalGIving’s CEO was featured in a podcast interview, Entrepreneurs for a Change, discussing UniversalGiving, entrepreneurship, and “seasoned advice from the social enterprise trenches.” Topics included the qualities you need to boost trust and confidence with potential funders.
Pamela was interviewed by Matthew Lesko for his show, Lesko Free Radio, in a segment titled, “Doing Something Important Stops the Pain of Life.” This is a lively discussion about how giving back can help you re-evaluate your own life, and how UniversalGiving can help! As Matthew says, “the most selfish thing in the world is to give–because it feels so great!”
Pamela recently sat down for a conversation with Melanie Hamburger of Catalytic Women– and you can watch the video! Pamela discusses UniversalGiving’s services, the challenges and excitements of being a social entrepreneur, and how giving can be a daily practice.
UniversalGiving moved to the Hub San Francisco in the Summer of 2011, and Pamela was interviewed for the Hub Stories feature on their blog: “New Hub Member Uses Improv to Transform the Unacceptable.” Read more to learn how Pamela fuses improv with social entrepreneurship.