Published Writing – Pamela Hawley


Our CEO Pamela Hawley recently wrote a new article for CSRwire, on how companies can best recruit millennials.  The article emphasizes the importance of CSR to inspire employees.
Pamela recently became a contributor to Unreasonable Institute’s blog. Check out her first article: “Thinking About Being an Entrepreneur? Five Things to Consider” where she discusses some ways to know if you’re really called to entrepreneurship.
In her new article with Fast Company, Pamela highlights how a company volunteer event is NOT an obligation, but an opportunity to network, and even improve your health. 
Women 2.0 provides resources and a platform for connecting, for women innovators in technology. Their blog is a place for women founders and innovators to share their stories, tips and ideas. Pamela shared an article with her tips on saving time as a busy professional. 

Pamela shared stories about inspiring women entrepreneurs from around the world for International Women’s Day. The article was a guest post on Kiva’s blog. 

Pamela Hawley shared her CSR expertise on Symantec’s blog, focusing on the latest trends in international CSR, by examining the causes people care about most. She also writes about how companies can serve the world, and their business goals at the same time: