Pamela Hawley

Global Mediation Services

Pamela Hawley is an established mediator in San Francisco and worldwide. She has multiple accreditations in Mediation, Conflict Resolution, Peacebuilding, and Negotiation. Pamela’s Mediation style includes Transactional, Facilitative and Transformational.  She has successfully mediated more than 100 cases. 

She also brings two additional unique qualifications: Global Mediation Work, covering different cultures, beliefs and viewpoints. The second is Professional Improvisation, requiring astute skills in listening and response, in high pressure situations.  

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  • Certificate on Mediation and Conflict Resolution, U.C. Berkeley
  • Certificate in Advanced Conflict Analysis, United States Institute of Peace
  • Certificate in Mediating Violent Conflict, United States Institute of Peace
  • Certificate in Preparing for Advanced Peacebuilding, United States Institute of Peace
  • Certificate in Negotiation, United States Institute of Peace 
  • Certification in Mediation, San Francisco Community Boards 


  • Political Science B.S., cum laude, Duke University, focus on U.S. law and International Relations
  • Masters and Scholarship, International Communications from the School of Annenberg, USC.  Studied in Paris, Geneva, London and Prague. 
  • Groundlings Improv Training, Los Angeles – Advanced Level 
  • Upright Citizens Brigade, Los Angeles/New York – Graduate
  • Second City Conservatory, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York


Understanding; intuitive, and objective.  Pamela Hawley listens to each party with 100% attention. Her focus is making sure everyone is heard. She encourages each party to operate with objectivity and fairness.

Mediation Cases

Domestic Level:

  • HOA (Housing Associations)
  • Landlord-Tenant scenarios
  • Roommates
  • Cohabitation Partners
  • Pre-marriage Mediation
  • Marital Mediation 
  • Father-Son/Daughter Relationships
  • Mother-Daughter/Son Relationships
  • Sibling Relationships
  • Family Relationships
  • Neighbor Issues

Global Business: 

  • Entrepreneur/Founder Negotiations 
  • Fortune 500 Executive Coaching
  • Fortune 500 Executive Team Coaching
  • Board Mediation, Negotiation, Coachin
  • Small Business Issues

International Level

  • Listened to and coordinated positive efforts in some of the most dangerous and sensitive global situations.
  • Worked with victims of Pol Pot’s Regime in Cambodia post the Khmer Rouge Genocide
  • Negotiated the coordination of the citizens of El Salvador who lost their homes and communities due to the 2002 earthquakes and floods, working in challenging crisis situations where food, shelter and resources were not available, homes and churches caved in, and loved ones were lost. 
  • Worked in negotiations regarding microfinance contracts in the remote villages of India, four hours outside of Bangalore, managing different viewpoints of businesses, society, outside donors, and community members.